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Totally fucking awesome. Nothing really new here, but the JFK quote was new to me and blew me away. Most of the other stuff has been gone over and over by Marrs, Icke, and others, but this movie was put together very, very, well. [comment]


Just did part of my shopping -- at Radio Shack downtown -- and came straight to the Central Camionera in Juarez, where I now have my 2:25 PM ticket to Entronque. Didn't have enough money to do all my shopping anyway -- it can wait another week.

Along the way I stopped at the Chinese restaurant on the East side of Ave. Juarez, just a couple of blocks from the border. The combo #2, shrimp egg foo young with fish, was only US$3.00. Not very tasty though. [comment]


I found another cybercafe in El Paso, right on Stanton Street downtown, the Lumenbrite Cafe on 219 N. Stanton. Some comfy chairs, free wifi, free power, decent coffee. Nice. Had about a 2-hour nap in Chamizal Park, so I'm good to go. Once my batteries (and my laptop's) are charged, ought to get my shopping done and get across the border for an early bus to Palomas. [comment]


Just about every time I come to El Paso I'm reminded of how badly their public transportation infrastructure sucks. I waited at the corner of Chamizal Park, Paisano at San Marcial, for about a half hour until the #24 came along. Just on the other side of the river, 5 minutes would have been sufficient. I guess the US is too goddamned busy building walls and shit like that. Plus, everyone who's anyone here is expected to own, maintain, and pay insurance on a vehicle. And why should anyone give a shit about us nobodies who can't or won't do that? [comment]


Someone else likes "my" WikiHow article. Thanks, Jack, for the heads-up! [comment]


Ripped off the Information Freeway site -- code, graphics, and all -- to create a map of the Don Nowhere Shebeen. Also to play with the javascript code and see how to build my own renderer. [comment]


So much for my vino de tunas. I took the cloth off to stir it, and the top was covered with mold. I guess if I try it again, I'll have to remove anything that floats.

I was thinking about making a little money doing driveaways, but they don't pay! Not a cent... all you get is the free transportation. Bleah. I guess I could try freelancing it, though.

Think I might have gotten bit by a spider last night. My neighbor says she sees the telltale swelling on my left shoulder blade. She got bit herself, last night, on her hand. I didn't think that's what it was, because I've had pain in that shoulder on and off since I took a spill on my skates about a week ago, but damn. Now I have to watch for necrosis. [comment]


Here's my little eulogy to Ray. If you don't want similar treatment, make sure I die before you do... [comment]


A couple of days ago, I got "fan mail" from an anonymous user at WikiHow for the article Wake up from the American Dream (which really is no longer "mine" because it was completely rewritten by user ZotLynn, but still has basically the same subject matter), that really made my day:

I really needed to see this article, as well as the one that came up randomly on my home screen, "How to stop being a people-pleaser." Trying to live the "dream" for others has worn me out and depressed me for long enough. I've decided just now, that I will follow my own dream, an alternate lifestyle I began to secretly plan for this year. No more interference by others, no more living a "dream" for others. It's refreshing to be reminded that there are plenty of others out there, who believe as I do. Keep up the good work, and many thanks.

More and more people indeed are waking up, even though I saw on an otherwise intelligent person's Orkut profile that our oil reserves are "infinite"... really makes you wonder. [comment]


Hey! Almost forgot! One of my singing neighbors finally returned... heard him or her in the wee hours of the morning. Old Coyote has returned to this side of the highway. About goddamned time!

Also, I started a batch of Nopal wine two days or so ago, using a recipe at WikiHow.com. Let's see how it turns out. Haven't yet collected enough dry mesquite pods to try making mesquite beer. [comment]


Getting a more useful operating system out of dd-wrt all the time, but some of the stumblingblocks are altogether unnecessary. Putting a lot of the initializing stuff, including iptables setup, into /lib/services.so, for example, is just plain evil. I can't know BrainSlayer's motivation, but that's the result. [comment]


It's been over 3 weeks since I tried my butter experiment, and it's still nice and fresh-tasting. I haven't even changed the water, though it has mouse turds and other flotsam in it; I have had to add water occasionally when I see it slip below the rims of the top two glasses (nothing is level in this place).

Cooking up some pork chunks with onions and Jalapeños, come on over if you're hungry. Making a fresh pot of coffee also, and have some cold beer for a change. Mostly Sol, but have a few Tecate, Sam Adams Lager, and Shiner Bock if you're quick. [comment]


Slowly beginning to understand something about how the flash is used on the WRTs. DD-WRT allocates it like so:

~ # cat /proc/mtd
dev:    size   erasesize  name
mtd0: 00040000 00010000 "pmon"
mtd1: 001b0000 00010000 "linux"
mtd2: 001006eb 00010000 "rootfs"
mtd3: 00010000 00010000 "nvram"
mtd4: 00030000 00010000 "ddwrt"

/dev/mtd/2 is really just a part of /dev/mtd/1... that part I still don't grok. But of the 64K NVRAM, only 32K is being used (NVRAM_SPACE = 0x8000), and the /dev/mtd/4 partition, "ddwrt", is set aside for JFFS2 use, but in the micro edition of the software, there is no jffs2. So I'm trying to decide whether to try to get jffs2 working, or free up that space for a bigger OS image. Also, if I could rearrange mtd3 and mtd4, and use the first, unused, half of the nvram block for something else, all the better. [comment]


Got the sshd server working on my dd-wrt system, after changing the dd-test.sh script to this. The packages are now:

jcomeau@ns002:/usr/src/firmware_mod_kit/trunk$ ls -1 *ipk

Nano doesn't work because libncurses is missing, but no sweat... now that sshd is running I can remove the telnetd component from busybox, and maybe free up enough space for a lib or two, or maybe install vim. And with mtd, hopefully I won't have to keep using tftp to test new installs... we'll see! This is a pretty fun project overall, so far. What I dread is the hardware hacking I'll need to do in order to add an input device. I'm so bad with soldering lately. [comment]


Also forgot to mention that the problems I was having with the dd-wrt web interface was browser-related. When I switched from Firefox to IE, it worked. But all I really needed was to change the password, and I couldn't figure out the syntax of /sbin/setpasswd. After that, the web interface was fairly useless, though I could use the easier firmware upgrades it offers; but I'll probably find another way to do that (mtd, for example). [comment]


Having done nothing differently that I'm aware of, I rebuilt a DD-WRT image using this script, and now scp works in both directions, though the dropbear sshd server still doesn't start. [comment]


Resolved the previous problem by using ipkg-install.sh with the uclibc and dropbear packages from others/packages/ at the dd-wrt downloads page, and re-running build-firmware.sh. Now I can scp from another host to the WRT, but not vice-versa; it gives a "permission denied" error even when the permissions are 644.

It seems to be really critical, when tftp'ing the image, when you plug in the router. I seem to have to give the upload command within two seconds of power-on or it won't take.

The busybox binary is really crippled in the micro releases. I'm gonna see if I can put a beefier version on it. No ls for chrissakes? [comment]


After much frustration and cursing, I've gotten a customized bootable image onto my WRT54GSv6, thanks to the Firmware Modification Kit by Jeremy Collake. I had to remove the huge httpd daemon (which had the whole web interface embedded in the binary) to make room for dropbear, and now I find out that the latter won't even work:

/bin # ssh jcomeau@tektonic.unternet.net
ssh: can't resolve symbol 'getaddrinfo'

Looks like I'll have to compile from sources after all... grr... [comment]


A rarity -- it rained most of the day today, normally the rain falls at night, even during the "monsoon" season. I put on my sil poncho and went for a walk downtown, primarily to leave a sign with prices at my art exhibit, but I wasn't disappointed when I found the place locked up. I stood for a while on the porch of the old Customs building, watching the muddy river flow past along highway 11, then started walking back home.

A few blocks North, I saw an old 55-gallon drum with no bottom that I never felt like carrying before, but a rainy day makes a world of difference; I picked it up and carried it almost a mile to my place. When I got to the arroyo, I was surprised to find another river; the rain had already pretty much stopped. I left the barrel on the bank, and cautiously started across, but the turbulent water almost carried off one of my Crocs; so I sat down on the bank and just watched it for a while, fascinated, dreaming of having a kayak just for these moments and getting a free ride to Padre Island. But I got tired of waiting, and again attempted to wade across, this time facing upstream and stepping sideways, so the current would hold my Crocs on rather than pull them off... it worked! But my barrel was still on the other side, blocking the road. Poor planning. After dithering a while, I made it back across, grabbed the barrel, and went a few yards further upstream before carrying it across. I made it 3 times without getting carried away by the current... maybe it's true what my buddy Bill Pick used to say about God watching over drunks and fools.

Forgot to mention, a dog was acting strangely along Highway 11, walking down the middle and barking at traffic. I thought for sure he'd get run over, or more likely I'd get run over with some idiot swerving to avoid the dog and running off the road, but we both seemed to have made it home OK. But on the way back, I saw something that made some possible sense of the dog's behavior; another dog, black, lay dead in the ditch, perhaps a companion of the brown dog that was acting weird. Perhaps Brownie wanted someone to stop and try to help his companion, or he wanted to fight those huge steel animals that had killed his mate, or he just wanted to get run over too, and die. Guess I'll never know for sure. [comment]


Oh, yeah, I got the conversations mixed up in my head. What's happening in late August is just the end of the world. Google august 22 OR 23 for more results. I might still be able to go to Burning Man this year after all. [comment]


Mesquite beans grind pretty well with a hand-crank coffee grinder, but you need to empty out the hopper every two or three to get the non-grindable fibrous stuff out. And they have to be good and dry, you'll know right away if they aren't because they'll be all sugary-sticky. Let's see how they flavor the coffee this time; the first time I tried I didn't even notice any difference.

I've been talking to other conspiracy nuts... something's supposedly going down August 22nd or 23rd. I don't know what to believe; I just don't think "they" can throw all us nonconformists into detention camps. Who's going to keep the wheels of the economy turning? The globalists' plan hinges on keeping enough people thinking they're free so that they'll work and pay taxes to keep the whole system afloat, right? It's hard for me sometimes to see through all the complexity, so I don't know if I'm missing something really obvious. But my idea is, if everyone is self-sufficient, having no need of centralized services of any kind, the Machine will collapse under its own weight. Granted, it sure seems awfully powerful right now, though. Time will surely tell. [comment]


Nope, it wasn't bricked. Today I re-uploaded the micro image using flash_linksys.sh and it's fine. Seems pretty limited, though. I'll probably have to download the source in order to figure out what I can do with it now.

Motivation to do anything has dropped back down close to zero, while I wait another week to see if my shebeen shows up at OSM. Some of the roads I added are there finally, but there doesn't seem to be much support for isolated nodes in either editor: none with Potlatch, the online editor, and little if any with JOSM. [comment]


Couldn't leave well enough alone. The micro version of DD-WRT was so buggy I couldn't do anything with it, so attempted to load the mini version; it tftp'd up OK but now the power light is just sitting there flashing. I probably bricked it. Will have to play with it another time, it's twilight and time to get some exercise. [comment]


Finally got it! Thanks to this page, which gave the detailed instructions and software necessary, my WRT54GS is now running DD-WRT. Now what to do with it? Will figure that out another time. [comment]


Trying to upgrade the firmware on my Linksys WRT54GS router with both OpenWRT and dd-wrt, both give the stupid "Upgrade are failed!" message immediately. Fucking shitty software. CISCO used to be so meticulous, like DEC in the olden days. You'd think they'd send a few people who speak English over to Linksys and at least make the error messages somewhat grammatically correct.

All set for my Mandelbrot art exhibit this Saturday. Hung the unframed posters and prints with little squares of Velcro. Damn, but it was hot today, it's a wonder I accomplished anything. Jogged about a mile and a half also, but nowhere near the 1/2 hour per day I need to get in shape. [comment]


Dammity. My domain provider seems to be down, which means jcomeau.com is also down. I knew I should have moved it to my own DNS servers.

The LED in my hat is just about too dim to see by at night now, but it's still useful for being seen at night. I might need to use double the resistance for the rear light (red), when I finally purchase the LED, so it doesn't drag down the battery too quickly. The taillight doesn't need to be as bright anyway. [comment]


No wonder I couldn't communicate with OSM's API. I was using my screen name jcomeau_ictx as the username rather than my email address. Duh. How did I find out? Used JOSM to delete some nonsense points, and traced it using

$ windump -l -n -x -X -s0 -i2 | tee /tmp/session.log

Then just decoded the base64 string appearing after the Authentication header:

$ base64 -d /tmp/authstring.txt

JOSM does have problems, though. The coordinates of my shebeen I gave you the other day point, in JOSM, to my neighbor M's house several blocks away, South and East. Now that kind of wrong info is useful if someone's trying to bomb me, but not so good otherwise. And OSM's Potlatch editor keeps losing my edits and I have to type (or, rather, point-and-click) them back in. They say a little icon will appear if the changes didn't commit to the database, but I never see any icon. Fun, fun, fun. [comment]


Finally found it on the web! The address of my Deming Ranchettes lot. Since the house on the other end of the block is labeled 10585, mine would be either 10600 or 10610 Aguacate Road. 10600 also corresponds nicely with 10600 Columbus Road, halfway between Vecinos and Acequia, as is my lot. I ought to set up a box there and send myself a package by UPS and see if I get it. [comment]


Just about finished plotting the COS map at OSM. Had fun adding the arroyo as a footpath (shown in bright red in the diagram). The culvert under Highway 11 is tall enough to stand in, you just have to watch out for barbed wire on each end. [comment]


A couple of guys from the OSM project emailed me, and let me know that the problem was that I was using positive IDs for nodes, segments, and ways that were not yet in the OSM database. This is a no-no, apparently. So I tweaked my script to negate all the IDs, and did things a little differently on the upload. After opening the scripted file from within JOSM, first I shrink the image by moving the slider in the upper-left-hand corner of the map from 1.1km (which is what it shows originally for State Route 11) to 3.1km. Then I use the selector tool, the second one down, to draw a square around the road. This turns it from gray with red dots to a solid white line. Then I hit the 'w' key to turn it into a 'way'.

A dialog box comes up: "1 way has been selected. Do you wish to select all segments belonging to the way instead?" I answer No, as I did before. Then another dialog: "Do you want to add all other selected segments to the one selected way?" Before I answered No, but this time I answered Yes, and then I get a 3rd dialog, "Reorder all line segments?", to which I also answered Yes; and miraculously, the Properties are filled in automatically, and the line is now white with red dots, and Connection -> Upload to OSM works!

At least, no error messages. Let's see where we go from here. If this really worked, the next step is to hack my script to extract from certain lat/lon coordinates. Then I can, for example, focus my edits just on one part of town. This way, the entire TIGER database can be imported into OSM, piecemeal, and more or less correctly. We could have the whole of the US done in a year or so, with only a thousand or so volunteers. [comment]


Man, it's easy to get disgusted with the crappy software tools that OSM uses. My osm.py script will extract a single road using

$ osm.py getroad ~/shared_documents/luna_county.xml "State Route 11"

but the resulting file can't be uploaded directly to OSM, it has to go through an editor. And the 'way' info is lost on import into the editor, so one has to select the segments in JOSM and hit 'w' to re-create the 'way'. Once that is done, one has to re-add all the tags, though the data is pre-filled. Then on attempting to upload you get these errors. What a fucked-up mess. Obviously many people have found workarounds for these shortcomings, but I don't know how much I want to put into this. It's a great idea, and something I can use for my free/cheap transit information site, but the implementation is still pretty damned primitive. [comment]


Another approximation of where my place is, courtesy of Yahoo! maps. I found out you can edit OpenStreetMap.org directly by using a URL constructed like so: edit.html?zoom=16&lat=31.8458&lon=-107.6499. And I'm making progress with the TIGER data using my osm.py script too. This is addictive. [comment]


I attended a quinceañera yesterday evening, my first. It was completely foreign to me; I'd never seen anything like it. Couldn't dance worth a shit and bugged out early.

No rain last night. WTF? First day without rain in almost a week. This desert will never become a rainforest at this rate. [comment]


There's a beautiful storm off in the direction of Las Cruces. I watched the lightning for a half hour or so, now back inside the comfort of the cave. I survived another week... payday tomorrow morning.

Lately the floss has been getting caught on something right between my two front teeth. I sure hope it isn't a cavity there. My mouth has been smelling really bad lately, so I guess it won't be too surprising if some of the teeth are rotting. [comment]


No longer messing with the Google maps method of getting lat/lon data, that will pollute the OSM database. I found out that it's OK to use TIGER data, so will do that instead. I'm working on my own command-line editing tool in Python -- JOSM is just too difficult for me.

Ate the last of my chorizo today, 5 months old and still good without refrigeration. That will work. Even my neighbor's dog, Lucky, ate a piece today; all these months before, she refused it. Strange. The mice and/or rats got to it, though, so I'll have to find another way to store it next time.

Made a pair of "shoes" out of an old piece of carpet and some Velcro tape, hopefully they will protect my feet from the abrasions I've been getting each time I've gone skating so far. [comment]


Well, I saved the cost of a GPS handheld. Using a combination of satsig.net (for latitude and longitude), TopoZone.com (for elevation), and one of the GPX files from OpenStreetMap's traces page, as a template, I was able to make my own GPX file using just two waypoints. I'm gonna wait and see if that parses OK before I try adding more data; there's a locally-made map for which I can extrapolate the Lat/Lon/Elevation data and add to the OpenStreetMap database. But I'm pretty sure I can avoid having to plot it out using a GPS unit. This may not be 100% legal the way I'm doing it but hot damn, is it ever affordable.

OpenStreetMap.org is about 4 days behind processing incoming data, so it might be a while before I get some feedback. That's OK, I've got another 40 or so projects going. Anybody know if there's a similar project for aerial photography? [comment]


I've been playing with FreeTTS as a means of practicing my lines in the play The Handyman. I've got something that works kinda half-assed, but it's good enough for now: TheaterPractice.java, mostly stolen from the MixedVoices.java demo that came with the JSAPI demo sources. [comment]


The closest approximation yet to my shebeen is 31.845847 latitude by -107.65003 longitude. I was up a good part of the night pacing things out and comparing local maps to Google maps until I could more or less correlate everything. [comment]


I tried grinding a couple of mesquite pods this evening in my coffee mill. Most of it ground up OK, but the remainder was gumming up the works. The grinder is one of those you can just unclamp, so I did that, turned it upside down, and turned the crank backwards and forwards until it was clean. Not sure how it will work with a few hundred pods, but I guess we'll see.

The blue LED I attached to my hat is still bright enough at night to serve as good task lighting as I go about my coffee-making and other piddling... it worked out far better than I'd ever imagined. I'll have to get a rechargeable 9V for it next time I go into town, though. These alkaline cells are awfully toxic, or so I remember. [comment]


I had tried shooting my AK-47 (actually a Romanian model, WASR-somethingorother) on the 4th, during the fireworks, so nobody would notice -- but it wouldn't fire. The firing pin dimpled the bullets but no bang, so I gave up after the third try. But I field-stripped it the next day, and today went out shooting with a neighbor on BLM land. It worked like a sonuvabitch. Minimal kick. I think I hit about 9 out of 10 shots, aimed at a 55-gallon drum about 50 yards away. Very nice. I would probably have done even better without the margarita and two beers I had during lunch. [comment]


Well, hot shit. There are hundreds of possible back routes to El Paso and Las Cruces from Columbus. That explains some of the trucking activity on east North Boundary. And those back routes are possibly the answer to my bicycling or windskating to those cities. Highway 9 is pretty hairy with its narrow shoulder. [comment]


VLC worked like a charm. Good thing Microsoft isn't the only game in town.

Social Security denied my appeal. Now I have to file a civil suit to get them to do anything. Wonder how much that'll cost me.

Having a helluva time finding airless tires for my dirtboard. I hate to buy new tires and tubes, just to have the desert tear them apart again. I miss windskating, and though I'm getting better with my Skorpions, they're just not capable of handling the road debris like the 10 inch wheels can. [comment]


I've been spending most of the afternoon/evening attempting to fix a friend's computer. DVD's play, but with no audio. Googling shows that lots of people have this problem after installing Nero, which someone apparently did on this computer, but apparently no Microsoft solutions exist. People invariably suggest installing codecs of dubious quality from some third-party website, or VLC, which is open-source and the solution I chose. This after downloading 50MB of updates from Microsoft, plus the Windows Media Player 11 which I fetched last week and burned to CD. Installing all that shit served no purpose, the sound was still missing on the DVDs. The troubleshooter was likewise worthless. Thanks, Bill, for wasting my fucking afternoon, ya shithead. [comment]


Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well due to my overconsumption of Shiner Bock the evening before; breakfast consisted of some quasi-stale corn chips with some of the butter I packed into glasses on June 30th and inverted into a tray of water. It hadn't gone rancid yet. Went without beer until dinner at a friend's house, where I had a Rolling Rock, then a Shiner when we got home. Other than that I behaved pretty good.

Haven't been able to do anything intellectual, be it reading or programming. I have been somewhat productive physically, though. For one thing, I finished sewing Velcro to my hat, and mounted a blue LED and a 9V battery on the inside of it, and it serves as a useful night-light. I've been able to spot some of the mice inside my house with it, though I can't get close to them fast enough. I'll have to try making some homemade glue traps, but what to use for ingredients? I don't know to make the polybutylenes and polyisobutylenes that the commercial glue traps use. I doubt molasses will be sticky enough. The styrene goop I make from styrofoam and orange oil would probably work but it's pretty toxic.

I found a new goal-setting site, LifeTango.com. My own public goals are visible here, and I'm slowly migrating more of them from TadaList.com. The latter is still better for simple lists like for shopping. [comment]


Accomplished more on my solar oven in an hour or so today than in all the time (months) I've been working on it to this date. All it takes is the presence of mind to do the work at dusk, when there is sometimes no wind and the sun is not so overbearing. I ran out of both aluminum foil and foil tape, so will need to restock before completing the job. It'll be interesting tomorrow to see how high a temperature it reaches.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this project, it's an old satellite dish, about 8 feet in diameter, that I got for free and have been attempting to coat with aluminum foil. For glue, I tried both paint and styrene glue, but only had any lasting success with the former, a partial 5-gallon pail of roof coat that had been left here by the previous owner. So the only thing I've been paying for is the foil and tape.

As my neighbor says, it's either too hot to work, too cold to work, too windy to work, or -- when it's just right -- who the fuck wants to work? [comment]

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