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A couple of hours ago or so, I woke from a dream in which I had gotten my tax refund as thick, solid gold coins. I remember a large government office, walking past bins near white tile floors and lots of glassed-in rooms. My refund came in two trays, one normal change (pennies, dimes, quarters, etc.) and the other was supposedly gold although it didn't weigh as much. The coins vere various sizes, but about 1/4 inch thick and one inch in diameter was close to the median.

Before or after that, I was jogging in a Petaluma substantially different from the one I know. There was a MUP left off Petaluma Blvd. North, which goes to PHS (in the dream, not in reality) and is only about a couple of miles long but heads in the general direction of Sebastopol. I believe this path is a recurring theme in my dreams, as are the gold coins. [comment]


I have no more doubts of my ability to make a knife razor-sharp. I was getting a nice close shave before I almost sliced my right cheek in half. Now I just have to remember to shave before drinking more than half a bottle of wine. [comment]


It was a good plan rescheduling for Christmas week, nobody (including myself, of course) had to go in at all this week. Not sure if would have been the same, though, had the holiday fallen on a weekend.

Disappearing into the foothills for a few days. Hold down the interwebs for me, OK? [comment]


Joshua Flashman is pushing his Militia Act of 2013 idea with the hashtag #MilitiaAct2013. It has appeal to me, but I have some serious misgivings. For example, the Act calls for "mental health screening", which could exclude both myself and the author on the grounds of having unconventional views on government. Second, it calls for stiff penalties for any non-member of the militia holding "battlefield/rare/exotic weapons"; exactly how does that square with the operative clause of the Second Amendment as clarified by the Heller decision?

Nevertheless, assuming I'm deemed mentally qualified, I wouldn't mind the training requirement, and the freedom to carry a weapon in my chosen state of California would be pretty damned sweet. I say let's give it a try. Now if we could only get Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to take a serious look at it. [comment]


Nicking myself pretty badly, but am able to shave with my newfound pocketknife now, having bought a leather belt at Alphabet Soup the other day for $1.50. Honing is all-important, in addition to having several grades of grit and getting good at estimating a 20-degree angle. [comment]


As rainy season progresses, I'm getting back into guerrilla gardening. Planted some veggies along the banks of the Petaluma river today, where the floods yesterday left about 1/4 inch of fine silt on the banks down by the pump station. [comment]


Finally had some luck with my "heat box", just a piece of rolling luggage full of fleece and wool clothing; this time I used a full bag (maybe about 3 pounds dry) of beans, two pieces of hambone, and enough water to fill to about an inch from the top of a large, deep, skillet. Soaked overnight, poured off the soak water, and rinsed. Filled back up with water. That step was to help avoid flatulence, which so far hasn't worked, but worth a try. Anyway, then I cooked for about a half hour before putting in my heat box, packing the clothing around and on top of the skillet covered with a glass top. After about 5 hours I reheated again and put back in for maybe 2 hours more before dinner. By dinnertime the beans were nice and soft, and tasted good. But I didn't eat very many, to avoid being a "party pooper" tomorrow.

Anyway, after dinner I added some fennel seeds and bay leaves, which I had forgotten before, and put back on the stove for a few minutes, and put it back in the heat box for the night. Hoping they'll be even better by tomorrow.

Might have jury duty next week. Got to remember to check each evening, because if I'm ever late I'll be rescheduled for another week. [comment]


As someone close to me pointed out yesterday, if we're going to have a "national discussion" about banning something, how about SSRI drugs? Although the Fanapt story appears to have been debunked, it is likely that some similar drug will be found to be connected to the killing. [comment]


OK, so the other guy was Christopher Manfredonia, and he was there looking for his daughter. Thanks Sheilaalien for following up! [comment]


I got a reply to a Facebook post with a very interesting analysis of events in Libya, from Dominic Manzer, a brilliant engineer with whom I was only casually acquainted during my high school years. I'm presenting it as it was posted.

This is a real conspiracy that is documented in the daily national news shows that involves state secrets and foreign policy. I think this is being done to prevent Republicans from making a farce of what is an important and sensitive foreign policy question involving real national security issues.

The administrations is engaging in a conspiracy to keep prominent people form testifying in public hearings to prevent the republicans from politicizing valid national security issues. In the debates Romney really pissed Obama off. Romney had been fully briefed by the intelligence community about Benghazi before the debate under the program that is intended to get prospective Presidents up to speed before taking office. Romney knew what actually did happen and why it was important when he said what he did, essentially Romney was abusing his access to state secrets. Romney's indiscretion in protecting valid security issues about Benghazi proves the republicans cannot be trusted in public hearing about this event.

This is what happened recently about the hearings. First General Petraeus did not have to testify in open hearings on Benghazi because he got a peace of tail. Now Hillary Clinton will not testify on Thursday because she has the flue. It was announced on Saturday, December 15th that she fainted, hit her head and got a concussion. She fell on Friday or Saturday and they were able to predict on Saturday she would be too ill on Thursday to talk even though she did not spend one night in the hospital.

The immediate background on Benghazi goes back several years. This has been written from memory so I may have a few mistakes, like was the Pan Am flight number 103? If anyone wants to check details and add dates, references or clarifications be my guest.

Remember the world wide public outrage when Scotland released the only person ever imprisoned for the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 bombing? He was publicly and personally greeted on his return to Libya by Gaddafi himself. Then a year or so later Gaddafi went to the UN in New York for the first time ever. He wanted to pitch his tent in Central Park, and it seemed US government officials wanted him to be able to do this but public opinion prevented it. A place was found on a large private estate near NY was found for his tent. Many politicians, mostly republicans were getting their pictures taken with Gaddafi around this time.

We then found out there were deals about oil contracts in the works with Libya. Then, out of no where comes an uprising in Libya. After a few days when it is clear that the uprising will probably be crushed, along with large numbers of non combatant Libyan citizens, the US uses Carrier based aircraft to take out the Libyan air force and the larger peaces of military infrastructure, like command and control. The Navel US air power was then replaced by land based Nato air power. Nato was widely advertised as not being the US military, but of course most of the funding comes from the US along with US personal and hardware.

I believe what has happened is as follows.

1 Somehow the CIA determined the opposition to Gaddafi inside Libya had reached the point were they had enough numbers and support from both inside and outside of the Libyan Military that a revaluation could be successful.

2 The CIA determined that arms and training were needed for the rebels in Libya to use their numbers to stand up to the well equipped and trained Libyan army. But Gaddafi had such tight control of the borders that it was impossible to send support in sufficient numbers. The CIA decided Gaddafi could be tempted and tricked by offers of money form an oil deal to let imports of oil equipment into the country in large quantities to hide shipments of arms and hide military advisers as oil workers. Note, Benghazi is the center of the oil industry in Libya.

3 To make Gaddafi think we were willing to forgive his old terrorist acts against the US, the bomber was released form Scotland then they invited Gaddafi to give a speech at the UN in New York. To make it appear the US politicians were themselves happy to have the oil deal, US congressmen shock hands and smiled while getting pictures taken. A kiss and make up moment. The tent in Central park thing could have been promoted to both stroke Gaddafi's ego and get the American public to view Gaddafi as ridiculous and repulsive person.

4 After Gaddafi's greed and ego had been sufficiently stroked. The people and arms were sent into Benghazi in ever increasing numbers. The large numbers of people needed to be trained to work in the oil fields provided cover for military training. The large construction sights provided cover for weapons training.

5 After a year or so of stockpiling the weapons and training rebels the green light was given to start fighting. US carriers were put into the Mediterranean to be within a day or two of Libya but not two close. After a few days of news coverage of Gaddafi predictably using his air force to crush the rebellion (just like what is happening in Syria) The US declared outrage over the killing of civilians and called in the carriers, as had been in the plan.

6 It was needed to use NATO land based aircraft to limit US anti war public opinion. But the land based planes could not be moved before Gadfly started killing civilians to make it appear the US and Nato had not been in on the revolution form the beginning. So the carriers had to be sent first.

7 After Wester air power had taken out important elements of the Libyan air force, command and control, the rebels could then use their superior numbers to clean up the remaining Liberian ground forces.

An unavoidable consequence of the loss of border controls during the rebellion, anti western factions that were well documented to exist east of Benghazi were able to move Al Qaida people form elsewhere into eastern Libya. It was the preexisting anti western forces that attached the consulate in Benghazi in reprisal for the drone attack that killed the Al Qaida official AL Libby (the Libyan). The only real questions I have is why the ambassador was in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9-11. We should have had either good security in Benghazi or removed all personnel in light of the obvious threat 9-11 will always have for US embassies in countries with large anti western factions. Remember, Libya had just gone trough a civil war so weapons are ever-were. Not only were their anti western factions before the war, there are now large numbers of very pissed off Gaddafi supports.



Too many unanswered questions about the Sandy Hook shooting: who were the second and third suspects: the one who was taken out of the woods in handcuffs, and the one who was "proned out" on the ground in front of the school? Why did the 2nd suspect run from the cops, and what was he doing at the school? Why were the mentions of these two other suspects expunged from the websites where they were originally reported to have been seen, or were the reports by bloggers wrong? Why would cops have let the other two guys go rather than let a jury decide? Why did original news reports claim the shooting was all done with pistols, and then the story change to a rifle, which was originally claimed to have been in the car and not been used?

There are more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. I want to see these questions asked over and over until some answers emerge! [comment]


Another shooting, this time in Newport Beach, at the Fashion Island Mall owned by the Irvine Company. Can't find any details on their gun policy, but Irvine has a strict no-guns policy at their Hyatt Center. [comment]


Forgot to mention yesterday that Deputy Jones kept twisting the cuff on my left wrist just to cause pain. I let out a yell each time he did it, so there is no way he did not know what he was doing. [comment]


More details on my encounter with LEO this morning. Keep in mind this is all from memory, it's not going to be 100% accurate.

I started out jogging at about 9:30 this morning local time, my goal being to make it to the Starbucks on Olive in Novato. I made it about 10 miles of the 12 before I had to take a dump so bad it was impairing my ability to continue, so I started walking. I got to the Atherton exit, on the northbound side at about 11:50 or so. Just then a Marin County deputy, Kenneth Jones, badge 1449, stopped in the shoulder. I saw him wave (so I thought), waved back, and continued. He got out and told me that meant to stop. I stopped. He asked me my name. I said "John", and continued "I really have to go to the bathroom, can I be on my way?". He said no, he needs my name. What's my last name? I stayed silent. He kept asking me. I said "Am I free to go?" several times, until he got angry and said "No, you're not free to go, quit asking me that. He claimed I was illegally walking on the turnpike, and I said it wasn't illegal as long as I got off at the first exit, which I was doing. He asked, "Do you have ID?" I lied and said "no, I don't carry ID when I'm walking." Around that point he handcuffed me and started going through my pockets. I protested loudly, "You don't have my permission to search", and he said "I don't need your permission." Eventually he found my neck wallet and dug out my drivers license, and called it in while I remained handcuffed on the side of the road. He asked me if I'd sign a citation and I said no, I did nothing wrong. He said he'd have to take me in, in that case, and I said go for it, if it makes your day. Other cops, CHP and maybe more MCS had arrived by then, and one kept an eye on me while Jones conferred with the others.

Eventually he decided he was in the wrong, I surmise, and asked if I'd take a ride to the Starbucks. Relieved and mentally exhausted, I said, "would you?" I thought he'd reverse up the ramp with his lights, but no he went all the way north to the landfill overpass, and let me out for a minute while he took off the cuffs. His sergeant met us there, and I tried to explain about that stretch of 101, and the legality of bicycle and pedestrian access to it. They wouldn't say I was right but they wouldn't say I was wrong either. Eventually the sergeant asked if I'd take a ride back to Petaluma and I accepted. He was going to drop me off miles from the nearest public restroom but we finally agreed on the Safeway. He gave me his card when I got out.

Somewhere in there Jones was saying they had gotten lots of calls on me, and I said something like "no doubt, they always do". The CHP guy, a real joker, said "they're just calling out of concern for you", and I said "yeah, sure, they're a bunch of assholes. They think that road is just for cars and they don't want to see bicyclists or pedestrians on it."

I made it to the Safeway without shitting my pants, but it took reams of toilet paper to clean up the mess. Shopped a little there, then at TJ's and Whole Foods on my way home. Got a six-pack of Anchor Porter for under $7 at Whole Foods and I'm enjoying it now. Now I'm going to see about filing a lawsuit for their violation of my 4th amendment rights.



Jogged to Novato today, made it about 10 miles before intestinal discomfort combined with muscular pain convinced me to walk. Just as I got onto the offramp at Atherton, a Marin sheriff pulled up and told me to stop. I gave him my first name on request, but then balked and asserted my rights. He searched me over my objections and found my ID. He's K. Jones, badge #1449. Eventually he and his sergeant seemed to believe me that the highway is legal to walk there, because I didn't get a citation and got a ride back to Petaluma. I'm angry and feeling violated and dirty. This shit has got to stop. [comment]


Looking for alternative narratives to the "McVeigh was a monster" meme which seems pretty universal on both left and right, I ran across Liz Michael's article, Dr. John R. Smith's opinion, and Gore Vidal's Vanity Fair article, which I haven't yet finished reading.

My own, admittedly uninformed, opinion is that he might be less widely reviled if he had chosen his target more carefully, whether or not there was "collateral damage". Obama's drones have probably killed more innocents, including children, than McVeigh's truck bomb, but O's popularity is still quite high. [comment]


Petaluma Market agreed to sell me their grass-fed beef liver for the same price as Oliver's, $1.99/lb. Good deal; I should inquire about tongue and heart as well. And get some more suet. [comment]


David Codrea linked here in a blog post so scrambling before my morning jog to put a relevant post here also. After the shootings I googled around to find out if there were a no-guns policy at Clackamas Town Center, and somehow I stumbled upon the Google cache of a forum possibly discussing the Christiana Mall shooting two years ago. Both malls are owned by General Growth Properties, which has to its credit the Westroads Mall shooting as well. You can let them know how you like their policies on Twitter. [comment]


I know I've posted this before somewhere, but just to get it out there again: my idea of freedom is to be able to walk naked, except for a belt and holster, a rifle slung over my shoulder, and perhaps a hat, into a bar and order a beer. Any place that restricts alcohol, weapons, or nudity just isn't free by my standards.



Broke a barrier, jogged almost 10 miles today nonstop, all the way to the Redwood Cafe in Cotati. Never mind that I was barely going faster than a walk towards the end. Really psyched! Next time Novato?



Tried preparing acorns Indian-style tonight. Peeled (after slicing in two with a knife, cheating a bit), mashed with mortar and pestle, put into cloth bag and leached 3 times with hot water. 4th leaching wasn't working, the cloth was clogged with acorn flour which by then had gotten mucilagenous. So I dumped it out, cooked it for a few minutes and ate some.

It had no flavor to speak of, and since I hadn't mashed it enough, not all the tannins had gotten leached out so it still had a bitter after-taste. But it made a filling meal, even just the few bites I took.

It seemed like a lot of work. 5 minutes gathering and maybe close to an hour of prep for maybe a half pound of acorn meat. But with practice and better tools (a metate for one thing) I should get more proficient. And it's not likely to be a food many others will be gathering, so those of us who get good at this should be able to survive quite well during the lean years.

Still not sure what type of oak it is. The leaves are more similar to laurel oak than to live oak, but the acorns look more like those of live oak.



The beans were a disaster, undercooked worse than the first two times. But I added some potatoes, poured in some sherry, brought back to a boil and put them back in the heat box to leave overnight. [comment]


Came back after my beans had been in the makeshift heat box for 3 hours and 20 minutes. Added some foraged mustard, dandelion, cats-ear dandelion, mallow, and curly dock greens, and some fennel seed. Then some lard, brought back to a boil, and back into the heat box till dinnertime.



That oak in Rohnert Park could have been one of several different simple-leaf oaks, including Live Oak and Holm Oak.

Successfully butt-joined brake cable with stainless steel 1/4 inch threaded rod today using standard flux-coated brazing rod. If it's strong (didn't test) this opens up lots of new possibilities for me in prototyping inventions. Did a little testing of lotecnotectu today, but the dead-man brake isn't working well so I didn't dare take it downhill.

Seems there is a massive dieoff of bulrush in the turning basin. I guess it could just be a seasonal thing but I doubt it. [comment]


Made some cash today, for a change, and found olives and acorns in easy reach on RP Expressway along the big shopping center on the west side of 101. The "oak" was strange, though, having plain halberd-shaped leaves.

Walked back to Petaluma after fixing the computer problems caused by bent pins, and had a pint of Death and Taxes at Redwood Cafe. Cursed out many drivers today who would have run me over pulling out if I hadn't been looking out for them better than they were looking out for me.

Finally asked about the chickens that hang out around the Cotati Wallgreen's. The clerk says he doesn't know whose they are, but that they come and go, and new ones show up. I said that one of these days if I were hungry I might bag one, and he didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Stirred up a hornet's nest at Sipsey Street with my assessment of George Zimmerman. These guys just haven't seen things from my perspective, hard to blame them. [comment]


Rand-bashing (Ayn Rand, not Rand Paul) has been fashionable for a few years now. I have my disagreements with her, but her exhortations to live in accordance with your beliefs, to not demand the labor of another for your benefit, and to live heroically, are things that make a lot of sense to me. I endeavor to live like an Ayn Rand hero, but with some major differences such as respect for the Earth that Rand's protagonists lack. It just wasn't something of which she was aware, apparently.

I believe part of the problem is that some investment bankers and other parasites might put themselves up on an Ayn Rand pedestal, and socialist-minded people inexplicably believe them. Rand, having escaped the Soviet Union, would reject any such association, calling the banksters the "looters" that they are.



There should be laws mandating pathways for migratory animals, if there aren't already such things. Especially along rivers and where deer paths already exist. Migratory humans should be able to use them as well. Land ownership wouldn't be nearly as evil if the process didn't involve fencing off all access. [comment]


I had this realization the other day: I am a deer (or perhaps a moose) in human form. If I were walking down the street in my true form, would a cop presume to have any lawful claim over me? Would I be subject to laws of jaywalking or trespass on private property? So why just because I have two legs and appear to be human?

Of course, that could work the other way too, especially out of urban areas where a farmer or rancher wouldn't think twice of shooting a deer eating his vegetables or trees. But still, thinking this way can help one see how free or not he really is. [comment]


I wish someone would offer secure, water-resistant, outdoor lockers for a very reasonable price, say $1 a week. That would make life much easier for nomads and someone could make pretty good money in a low-rent area of cities. A cheap shower would be handy too. [comment]


First attempt using a heat box made with a suitcase of clothes might have worked had I added enough water. But I didn't, and the beans on top are still kind of hard and dry. Reboiling now along with a piece of grass-fed beef shank and will put it back in the heat box till dinnertime. [comment]


My broccoli stems aren't quite pickled yet, but they're coming along nicely. The addition of a previous batch of sauerkraut to the brine water is definitely a plus, both in terms of speeding up the pickling process and keeping nasty stuff like kahm yeast out.

Roasted some chestnuts I bought at Andy's. Not what I remembered, but still OK. And gathered some mushrooms at the Forestville PO that turned out to be inedible, Lactarius alnicola or similar. But there was some fresh sorrel at the Van Keppel house that made a nice mini-salad.

Finished that batch of fart-generating beans. Tomorrow's batch I will drain better, then rinse, and slow-cook using a heat box. If that doesn't make them less toxic, I'll try some baking soda or lime in the following batch. Something has to work. [comment]


Pouring off the soak water didn't help, I've been farting all night so far. Taking a dump now, hopefully that will help. [comment]


Could this Chinese Pistache tree be what lines the streets of downtown Petaluma? It mentions the green berries being edible but what about the ripe ones? There's plenty of them for sure. [comment]


Foraged prickly pears, curly dock, mallow, fennel, and mustard greens; mashed the first into a crock and will let it set till maybe New Year's. The rest got chopped and went into a bean stew that I'd been soaking overnight and poured off the water to prevent fartulence.

Took my inner tube out and checked for leaks, found none. Reinflated and will let it sit for a while to see if it goes flat again. Now that I put on that gel seat cover I found at the thrift store for $3 or so the other day, it should be ridable, for short distances at least.

Thought of a new way to make money: messenger service. Charge 50 cents in-town and maybe $2 to the city, plus extra per unit weight. Can't hurt to try, though I guess I might have to be bonded to get some companies' business.



Some interesting comments in an article on dispersants, from a guy who uses the handle skyinpie, reproduced verbatim:

I am a oyster harvester in Apalachicola bay Florida. For some reson the oysrer are not repuducing. No spat at all. I have oystered for 26yr. Most years I harvest about 1200lb. a day, but this year my harvest is about 120lb. a day. A 90% drop, and thair are no small oyster to put back. I will not be able to make a living from a harvest like that. Also the fish are not repuducing nor are the blue crabs. The mullet have no eggs this year. Apalachicola bay is in very bad shape. The bay has look worst every year from the BP spill. I think the dispersants have a roll to play in the death of apalachicola bay. BP should not only have to pay for the spill but also for pouring deadly dispersants in to the gulf. The same thing is going from Ceader Key florida to La. No spat fall, no oysters. If thair are no baby oyster than we will harvest our self out of biss., and their will be nothing to clean the bay water. Evey thing will die. This is so sad. Apalachicola bay was one of the last untouched bay in florida. Most fish in the gulf spend some time in apalachicola bay. I guess their day are numbered. In 26yr. of oystering I have never seen it this bad.

There were other interesting comments as well, from across the board, indicating nobody really knows for sure how bad the dispersants were for the health of the Gulf.



Sliced up the broccoli stems and am attempting to brine pickle them, using the last of the donated sauerkraut as a kickstarter.

Had to throw out the foraged pink-gilled mushrooms after reading that the yellow discoloration could indicate the mildly toxic Agaricus Californicus. No need to intoxicate myself more than I already do. [comment]


Gun-rights blogger in a standoff with Baltimore police. His blog is here. Back off cops, leave the man alone! [comment]


Just made a pound of ghee from Kerrygold butter. Smells so good I just want to quaff it down.

Either I burned the roof of my mouth recently or I'm experiencing some other type of pain in there. Seems that I should remember but I don't. [comment]

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